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Revolutionizing Farm and agriculture using AI.Planting seeds of hope for bigger opportunity for our Farmers.Contact Us

What do we do?

KITA provides quality products and services for ..


KITA empowers farmers by offering financial support and providing them with cutting-edge technology to enhance farming efficiency


Trusted by Top Restaurant and Hotels in the Philippines, KITA provides business with affordable, premium-quality fresh, ingredients, enabling them to create delicious dishes.


KITAFresh is your source for the freshest, most nutritious vegetables, serving the nutrituinal needs of every household in the community

KITA with AI

Making Farming more effecient with AI

AI Powered

Farming Technology

AI Assisted

Logistic System

AI Powered

Warehouse Management

AI powered

Ordering System

What's New

KITA in Banguet Agri-Pinoy Trading Center: Supporting farmers in Banguet's largest trading post.

KITA Agritech keeps expanding, acquiring a new warehouse, more crew, and truck fleets to serve more clients and maintain the best service we offer.

In partnership with SM, KITA Fresh products are coming to stores near you. You can taste the freshest quality at home.


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